Our philosophy

Our philosophy is based on the principles of Person Centred Care and by promoting individuality, respect, privacy, dignity, rights, independence, partnership and choice for all our service users.

  • The services provided are individualised and we work closely with service users, their family, other agencies and professionals to ensure all the service user’s needs are met.
  • We are committed to ensuring a high quality of care is delivered to all of our service users. Each person is treated as an individual and placed at the centre of any assessment of their needs.
  • We encourage service users to be aware of the aims and objectives of their care plan, which promotes growth and accumulation of life skills needed to build the foundations for independent living.
  • Adults and young people in our care will be supported and encouraged to take part in activities they choose, in the community in which they live. This will include work, education, recreation and leisure in ordinary everyday settings.
  • Cultural needs will be fully recognised and respected, leading to support which is sensitive and responsive to those needs.
  • We ensure our service users that their health needs will be dealt with promptly and sensitively.
  • Information will be provided in ways that are accessible and understandable to the service user. They will also be supported to understand their rights and entitlements.
    We constantly monitor systems and review good working practices to ensure all changing needs are addressed.
  • We assure our service users of privacy, confidentiality and respect their dignity at all times.
  • We promote equality and abhor any kind of discrimination or abuse.